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Leaves of Chiaroscuro is Now Available for the Fate RPG


Leaves of Chiaroscuro is now available in PDF format and as a hardcover book at the following locations:

Here’s what you can expect:

A 366 page PDF, with both hi-res and low-res files available (a print version is planned for in the future)

  • A setting focused on an alternate reality Italy in the world of Asiyah.
  • Details on several Italian cities, from the Floating city of Venice to Florence the City of Invention.
  • Information on the strange realms of the Great Beyond, from The Faery to Sitra Ahra. Details on enchanted places where those other realms impinge upon Asiyah.
  • 6 player character species*
  • Player-character friendly rules for dragons in the Fate RPG system.
  • A wealth of new stunts, special materials, weapons and optional rules.
  • An improvisational magic system.
  • A section dedicated to The Red City of Bologna, complete with a wealth of NPCs, detailed locations, a full adventure, and more.

*Player species include:

  • Humans, the elder race who now dominate the world.
  • Lacerta, the shapeshifting scions of the dragon gods.
  • Nephilim, born of forbidden unions between humans and the angelic grigori. Long ago the nephilim had an empire, remembered today commonly as Atlantis.
  • Apeiron, children of the four elements and four humours, born of an alchemical experiment.
  • Cambion: Cursed half-demon children of the Qliphoth.
  • Therion, chimerical beings blessed by Echnidna (the Minotaur of legend was a therion).

Lacerta Dragon