Pondering Systems & Settings: Fate, and perhaps more

I’ve made huge progress on the LoCo system for Leaves of Chiaroscuro (the full extent of what I’ve accomplished with them so far reaches over 250 pages of material).  While I’ve had a blast playtesting it, and continue to work on doing so (we have to test as wide a variety of options at as many levels as possible to do this right after all) I am having some thoughts due to discussions with various people.  What is clear is that there’s much more interest in having a richly detailed setting and supporting existing systems (and an interest in having system-agnostic material available) than there is in having a whole new system.

What I have concluded due to this is it may be ideal to support an established system with the Renaissance Leaves of Chiaroscuro setting.  What would be nice about this is systems like Fate all ready have an established fan base, and some among them would be sure to enjoy a Renaissance era dark tinged fantasy meets history game.

This has somewhat changed my plans for the future.  I’m going to re-release the playtest document, but shift focus over to working on the game’s setting: it needs to be as rich as possible after all, full of interesting factions and people and places (to a much greater degree than I can portray in the current playtest document), and having a system all ready established to work with helps with that as well.

Fate is first and foremost in my mind because of its great adaptability.  OSR is somewhat on my mind too, though I cannot promise anything as far as that goes yet.

I have considered Pathfinder (which in the past I’ve actually used to run an early version of Leaves of Chiaroscuro) but for a few reasons (including simply the vast glut of material it all ready has) has made it not at the top of my list of systems to consider.

As far as the adventure I was hoping to put out before the end of the year?  Well, I am less certain about that since I’ve began pondering what exactly I want to do about Leaves of Chiaroscuro.