Naples & Pompeii

Entries for several Italian cities and other locations, including Pompeii, are complete.  Presently I am working on one for Naples, and soon plan to move onto Sicily.

In the world of Asiyah the fates of Pompeii and Naples are inextricably bound. The enchanted volcano Vesuvius threatens the existence of both, and only Pompeii’s Listeners of Vesuvius can keep the volcano asleep.  Naples and Pompeii are bitter enemies in a cold war; one which is only kept from… well, erupting into something more due to the threat of mutually assured destruction.

Naples and Pompeii weren’t always enemies, but, when the Spanish invaded, they managed to take the city of Naples and some of the surrounding region, yet failed to take Pompeii where the Listeners dwelled.  Naples also has to worry about its own internal threats to maintain what control its foreign rulers have managed to gain; in the Pompeii Underground, which is literally underground, a black market thrives, and rebels hideout.

Progress Update: the adventure and main book

The Quickstart on DTRPG has been updated with fixes I found to be needed via playtesting, and added a new page of content as 1/29/16.

I am now planning to delay the final expanded version of Leaves of Chiaroscuro.  There’s various reasons this is necessary, including having to take on work I did not expect to, deciding I do want the first adventure and final expanded core rule/setting book to be released together, and wanting to make sure that this is not rushed and is really done right.  The project is far enough along I don’t expect it to be delayed dramatically, but I doubt that it will be out by May. Continue reading