Places to sell your RPG Game PDFs online

There’s a wide variety of places online to sell print books, the best known being Amazon. Sadly as far as I can gather they don’t sell PDFs, and as far as RPG PDF sales go, DriveThruRPG seems to have a near-monopoly on the market. Selling through DriveThruRPG is likely to get you the most sales.  I recently posted on G+ hoping to find a few other options, and there are some out there.

Note: I have only personally dealt with DriveThruRPG, Lulu, and (for print books only) Amazon’s CreateSpace.

Indie Press Revolution

This site, like most of the others so far, supports both print and PDF.  Their name doesn’t suggest they are gaming specific, but they are.

Tabletop Library

This site, which sells PDFs focuses on D&D through its various editions.  It looks like they just sell PDFs and not physical books, but I’m not 100% sure on that.  I’ve noticed they do have some Dungeon World and other non-D&D games available, which says to me that, while not the focus, you can sell other games through them.

Your Own Website

Of course, setting up your own website and selling your PDFs through there is an option as well. I haven’t started doing this yet, and suspect that unless you are already a well known author, or giving them away for free (or pay what you want) it won’t be very fruitful. There’s a huge number of shopping carts you can use to sell PDFs on your own website, but going into those is a whole other can of worms.

Know of some others?  Get in touch so I can take a look and list them.


I would have never thought to sell books of any sort (other than maybe some handmade ones) on here, but, it was brought to my attention that you can indeed sell books and PDFs here.  There are apparently some RPG zines that are sold through Etsy as well.  They are different from DriveThruRPG and some of the other places you can sell books through in that they are really a marketplace and whether you sell exclusively through it or not won’t impact your earnings.

Open Gaming Store

This one focuses on RPG related PDFs from what I see, much as DriveThru does. It also has miniatures and dice.

The Indie RPGs Un-Store

As the title says, not technically a store. The Un-store doesn’t sell the  games you publish, you do, but, they provide a place to list them.  It’s a cool idea, though I have to say that I’d really like to see the site layout updated.


The Draconic Oneiros (Six Viziers Variant) Part 1

Part 2 can now be found here: Hydra

Part 3 can be found here: Tarasque & Dragon Lairs


Six Viziers is a system of magic introduced in the Fate Toolkit by Evil Hat.  After reading over it, I realized, there could be some very cool variations done with it. I decided to create a dragon themed version, for lacerta characters. However, this could work for dragon-themed characters in other games too.  This is part one, so it includes the basic rules for the Oneiros, introduces all the dragon-gods that will be included, and full writeups on two of the dragon-gods.  This is a WIP (and feedback on it especially if you use it in your game is appreciated), and I’m still thinking on what abilities the other gods should grant, but will post them when I’m done.

Note on Glamoured Skills: This is something specific to Leaves of Chiaroscuro.  The basic gist of them is if you succeed with style using one of your glamoured skills, then  you should describe them as having some sort of cool supernatural effect.

Another note on skills: The game this was written for has some additional ones.  Lore is broken down into Occult, Academics, City and Nature.  Art is added as a skill, along with Magicka.  Drive is broken down into Ride and Sailing. A few gods have these as their associated skills.  If you don’t want to use them then you can swap them out as you desire.  I may eventually come up with some suggestions for those using the standard Fate Core skills only.

A few gods have some of these new skills as their associated skills.  If you don’t want to use them then you can swap them out as you desire.  I may eventually come up with some suggestions for those using the standard Fate Core skills only.

The Oneiros

Lacerta are but hatchlings in comparison to the true dragons that they may one day become. Some lacerta are marked more strongly by their divine parent and begin to manifest the sorts of abilities not usually found outside of true dragons. These lacerta are referred to as the Oneiros, or dream-marked.

The system used by Oneiros is a variant of the Six Viziers system found in the Fate Toolkit; it even includes some abilities which are variants of the original. Only lacerta characters may become Oneiros. Most Oneiros are very old lacerta nearing the time of their Hundred Year Sleep.

A note on power: The abilities of the Oneiros are potent, more so than typical stunts.   These abilities are also supernatural in nature.  They work best with other similarly powerful supernatural beings, and all lacerta groups of Oneiros can work well. Continue reading