Hydra: The Oneiros, a Six Viziers Variant Part 2

In part 1 this variant of the Six Viziers was introduced along with two of the dragon gods and their blessings.  Part 1 can be read here.
In part 2 I bring you the writeup for those blessed by Hydra, dragon-goddess of the ocean, madness and beauty.  There’s two more dragon gods still to go.


Virtue: Creative

Vice: Unpredictable

Holy symbol: A multi-headed dragon in Grecian style

Domains: Ocean, Madness, Beauty

Glamoured skills: Deceive, Stealth, Art

Hydra’s Blessings


The Protection of Tiamat 

Tiamat, the primordial serpentine goddess of the sea, is often equated with Hydra by Dragon-worshippers.   

Tiamat watches over her own, and because of this, her domain, the sea and other watery environs never bring you harm. Even the rushing waves of a tsunami would not bring you harm, and the monsters of the deep will bring you no ill. When it comes to intelligent aquatic creatures, they will generally be well-disposed to you unless you give them a clear reason not to be.

By spending a Fate point you may call upon the power of the ocean or other large body of water (a mere puddle will not do) to your aid.  A torrent may suddenly sweep your enemies away, aquatic creatures may come to your protection, and so on.  Once per session you can call upon this ability for free as if you spent a Fate point.

Watery Sanctuary

You have a watery sanctuary, which you can enter through any body of water large enough that you can enter it and become fully submerged. It takes 3 turns to actually transition into your sanctuary however, and you can bring anyone who is in physical contact with you if they are willing. Unwilling creatures can be brought only if sufficiently restrained (such as by a grapple).

This sanctuary is roughly equivalent to a moderately sized lake in size, but what particular environment it includes is up to you, so long as it’s mostly filled with water.

You can breathe water here, even if you could not ordinarily, and even if the sanctuary is dark you can see perfectly well within.  You can grant those abilities to others you bring here if you so desire. When you exit the sanctuary you will emerge from the last watery place you used to enter it, unless that place no longer exists, in which case you’ll emerge from the next closest one which is of adequate size.


Consume the Mind

Mental trauma unleashes a psychic energy which you can feed upon. Whenever you inflict a mental consequence on a foe, you can, instead of getting a free invoke of the consequence, use it to remove one of your own mental or physical consequences.  The consequence healed must be one step less severe than the one inflicted.  Mild mental consequences can be used to erase physical or mental stress instead.

If you inflict a severe or worse mental consequences you can invoke your species aspect for free, though this may only be done once per scene.

Hydra’s Passion

You can engender a form of insanity of your choosing upon a target.

This takes the form of a situation aspect which lasts for a scene

If you expend a Fate point you can select multiple targets within a zone, or even choose to inflict the emotion on all targets.

Nameless NPCs and Supporting NPCs automatically fall under the sway of this ability, while more advanced NPCs and PCs get to make a Will Defend roll vs. a Will Create an Advantage roll from the character.

The free invoke this situation aspect grants gives you a +3 instead of a +2. Any other invokes of it give the usual +2.


The Water Serpent’s Allure

The serpent is a creature of incredible and dangerous allure; in no case is this more true than with Hydra and her blessed children.

This ability causes no physical transformation, yet, all who look upon you find you to be the most incredibly beautiful thing they have ever seen; truly awe-inspiring, with all the allure of a god(dess).

Note that this isn’t mind control, and those who witness you will respond in a way which is within their character to being in your presence, but this does grant you a situation aspect with one free invoke.

The Art of the Deeps

Your artistic creations take on a supernatural aspect, possibly causing some very strange, wondrous or horrific effects.  Whatever the effect is it must somehow be tied to the domains of Hydra.  For example, a sculpture of a sea-serpent which becomes animated is quite appropriate, but, as Hydra has nothing to do with fire, a drawing of burning torch becoming real enough to reach into the painting and pluck forth from, is not.

Using this ability intentionally costs a Fate point, however, it can also sometimes act up unpredictably, by compelling the character’s species aspect.

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