Tarasque & Dragon Lairs: The Oneiros, a Six Viziers Variant Part 3

In part 1 this variant of the Six Viziers was introduced along with two of the dragon gods and their blessings.  Part 1 can be read here.
In part 2 I detailed those who are blessed by Hydra, dragon-goddess of the ocean, madness and beauty. Part 2 can be read here.

Now part 3 brings us those blessed by the mighty Tarasque! Plus a little bit more on Dragon Lairs at the end.


Virtue: Tenacious

Vice: Greedy

Holy symbol: A serpent with a turtle’s shell. An alchemical symbol for earth is written on the shell.

Domains: Physicality, Earth, Mysteries

Glamoured skills:  Physique, Resources, Investigate


Perfect Adaptation

Whilst beauty is not the domain of the Tarasque, more practical perfection of the physical is.

You can survive in any natural environment, as your body is capable of adapting to it.  Even extreme environments, like the void of space, or the inside of a volcano will not kill you.  You  cannot however simply choose to adapt to a given environment; you automatically adapt to the present one you happen to presently be in.  Thus you can’t choose to adapt to a volcanic environment in order to become immune to the effects of being blasted by a mage’s fireball for instance.

Weakness to Strength

You are in tune with the physical world to a truly supernatural degree, and even know how to take your own weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Whenever an advantage is created against you which relates to a physical flaw, something in the physical world, or a physical consequence is invoked against you, you may choose to steal away the benefit it would give anyone using against you, and instead use it against then.  If the situation would ordinarily grant you a Fate point and you use this ability, you do not get the Fate point however.

Some appropriate examples of when this ability may be used:

  • You are Thrown of Balance
  • You are walking on Unstable Terrain
  • When any physical consequence is used against you


Deep Domain (lair)

You have a lair deep within the earth. How it is entered is up to you, but should have to do with the earth in some way; perhaps you gaze into reflective metal, or must venture down into a cavern.

You may bring creatures and objects with you, but unwilling creatures must be sufficiently restrained (such as by a grapple). It takes 3 turns to actually transition into the lair. When you exit, you will do so out of wherever you last entered through, or, if that is no longer accessible, then the next closest place (or object) which is of the same sort.

Your domain is a great cavern, or perhaps series of smaller caverns. It may include worked stone, giving it the appearance of some ancient subterranean building… indeed, maybe your domain once did belong to someone else long ago. Your lair itself is relatively safe and secure, however, there may be places sealed away beyond it to explore, places with treasures and dangers which may be revealed and conquered if you dare.

Treasures of the Earth

You can sense the location of metals, and stones within the general area (within a zone), and immediately identify them.

Your draconic blood calls to the treasures of the earth too; because of this, your Resources points do not decrease at the end of the session, and there’s no limit to how many points you can begin with at the beginning of the next session.

If not using the LoC Resources points rules: No matter the situation you are in precious gems and metals have  a habit of conveniently being at hand. Even in the most isolated and unlikely of places you’ll manage to stumble upon a precious stone or gold coin. Even aspects that could ordinarily be used to represent being unable to access wealth (such as being on an island with the Barren & Uninhabited aspect) cannot be used against you for this purpose.


All is Revealed

Solving a mystery means you must have all the possible evidence to work with.  Once per scene, you can survey a particular area, and any evidence which is to be found which would lead towards the solving of this mystery, you will become aware of.

Vault of Mysteries (lair)

You have a lair which is no more than a zone in size.  No magic can see into the lair, and no one can enter without your permission; it is perfectly secure and holds any mysteries within perfectly.  You can store objects within it, but also information.  Once that information is placed within, it is completely forgotten by the person who had it, and, if no one else knew the information, then by the very world itself.  Entering the lair allows for retrieving items and knowledge.

The vault can be entered by the character and anyone else they decide to bring with them.  The vault will be sealed against entrance by the character if they are not entering entirely of their own free will.

Entering this lair takes 3 turns, and how precisely it is entered is up to the character but should have something to do with the earth, such as perhaps climbing down into a tunnel.  The character will exit out of the same place they entered, unless the place is no longer accessible, in which case they will exit out of the next closest similar feature.

If the character also has Deep Domain then this vault may be a part of that lair rather than a separate one.

Dragon Lairs

Some of the dragon-gods have given blessings which take the form of lairs, this included Hydra’s Watery Domain and Amphiptere’s The Book Wyrm’s Domain.  Tarasque has two blessings which grant lairs.

Some of these lairs exist in the dream world, as the character’s own personal realm.  Lairs that exist in the dream realm cannot be physically entered; the character must enter them while they slumber. Things cannot be removed from lairs in the dream world and brought back into the physical world either.

Other lairs are physical places.  These lairs are always enchanted, which means that the veil between the mundane world and somewhere else is worn thin, causing the place to become infused with greater magical energy. Most likely the lair simply has a connection to the Aethereal, which is a place that exists in an intermediary state between spirit and matter and tends to take the form of a strange reflection of the physical world.  However, it is up to you; the lair may even have ties to the realm of one of the dreaming dragon-gods.

The important thing about the dragon lairs which are physical is they cannot be entered through ordinary means. Such lairs have magically become fragmented off from the rest of the world.  Different lairs must be entered using different means, which are described in the entry of the blessing which grants the lair.  However, it is possible that someone else may find a way into the lair, it just shouldn’t be ordinary. Maybe a ritual is discovered which grants someone else entrance into the lair, or an enchanted pool during a certain moon phase will act as an entry way to any swimmer who dives deep enough. Generally, objects can be brought back and forth from physical dragon lairs into the greater world, unlike with dream world lairs.

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