Live play, print, and other projects

I just finished running my first game at a convention, this one online, as, I’ve never been able to make one in “meatspace” due to them being too far away, or scheduling issues.  I hope to run more of them in the future, and to be a player in some as well.

I’m also now working on a few other projects.  One is some art which may in the future appear in a OSR dungeon crawl by Samwise 7 (who previously created Murcanto’s Lair).  Another is a Fate setting with Jacob Possin.  Finally, I did a series of lineart for the horror tabletop board game Asylum of the Doomed, which my friend Sean is now Kickstarting.

I’m going through Leaves of Chiaroscuro again as well, as I’m prepping for the print version, and need to make sure no nasty typos sneak into it which have not yet been caught.  So look forward to that either at the very end of this year or early next year.

You can watch the live play here.  The players were all great BTW!