Two Living Relics from Beyond

Enchanted places where the veil between Asiyah and another physical realm are worn thin are blessedly rare, but when they do occur sometimes bizarre life from beyond may find its way over.  Explorers may seek to extinguish such life before it can take root in Asiyah, or to bring it back for those who collect such oddities.

The two “objects” below are otherworldly creatures of a parasitic nature. The PCs may find them while exploring an enchanted realm, or perhaps while investigating the home of a collector who has come to some mysterious end.

Eye of Munin

This spider-like creature has a bulbous eye shaped body with 8 legs, each of which ends in a single sharp claw. The claws exude an anesthetic substance.

This parasite can be affixed to a person’s skull, in which case its own bulbous body protrudes from the socket, looking like a leathery black eye. If left to its own devices the creature will seek out a slumbering host, which it will pierce with a single claw to numb before infecting. The creature will only attack creatures who are awake if it is antagonized and sees no easy way to simply escape.

The creature

Aspects: For your Mind Eye Hunger, You Won’t Even Feel it When I Dig in

Stress boxes: 1 (2 stress and it is out)

Skills: Stealth Good (+3), Athletics Fair (+2), Fight Average (+1)

Item Effects

The host gains a perfect eidetic memory, and can telepathically communicate. The host can dig through the memories of others, though this requires physical contact with them. This invasive telepathy is a psychic attack which causes mental stress and requires a Will Attack check vs. the target’s Will Defense. While someone can choose to let their minds be read in this way, the experience is still traumatic, causing them mental stress as if their Will Defense was rolled and the result was 0. Consequences taken represent the dwindling sanity of the victim.

The eye must eat as well, and feeds on the memories of others.  Doing so requires using the invasive telepathy ability, however, when feeding whatever the host reads from a victim’s mind is utterly wiped from memory.

Hosts who go without feeding will suffer a point of a mental stress after each full day until they do so. This mental stress (and any resulting consequences) will not heal until they feed.

Edax Spear

This object is shaped rather like a firearm but made out of bone and glistening skinless muscle and sinew. It is actually a womb, which produces spikes. The spikes can be fired, and once they do, they burrow in and begin consuming the target.

Item effects

Weapon rating: 2

Range: long (3 zones).

Infectious: If the character using the Edax Spear succeeds with style when Attack a target with Shoot, that target gains the situation aspect Infected by Ignis spikes. The ignis spikes can attempt to attack each round and have a +1. They have 1 stress box and can be “Attacked” with Physique by the victim.



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