Leaves of Chiaroscuro is a setting in development for the Fate RPG & the LoCo system.  The game takes place in the world of Asiyah, a world which is much like our own, existing as an alternate earth during the Renaissance period.  However, unlike our own world strange creatures exist alongside mankind, and mages live alongside the mundane.  As a result the world has been altered in many ways.

The fantasy is dark-edged, drawing from both horror and weird fiction as well as the fantasy tradition.  Yet its greatest influences are real world history and lore, so expect to encounter things out of the Greco-Roman and Abrahamic traditions, and Italian folklore.

Yet, this is dark-edged fantasy rather than strictly speaking horror; wonders and beauty and hope exist within Asiyah, and these things may yet stand against the darkness.

The Player’s section of the Fate adventure can be found here.

The LoCo system playtest of it is now available.

While Leaves of Chiaroscuro as a setting may be a focus for this site, you can find other RPG related material as well.

Welcome to the Renaissance Age, the Age of Exploration, the “Rebirth”. Da Vinci invents new and wondrous machines, Niccolo Machiavelli pens The Prince and fathers modern political theory.  Ancient philosophies are rediscovered and from them new ones are born, new lands are explored. With the printing press and other inventions society will be changed forever.

Demons and other creatures from realities beyond our own stalk the world spreading suffering and madness. The wonders of ancient civilizations sometimes hold long forgotten terrors and dark secrets within their crumbling walls.

Will you make the next great discovery? Forge new alliances and bring down old ones? Uncover great wonders, or perhaps release unfathomable horrors? Will you seek out the places where “there be dragons”? Perhaps you shall, or maybe the dragon you will find is that which lies within.