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Character: Aeliana Mercuri, lacerta witch

Aeliana Mercuri is my (Megan Bennett-Burks) own character used in my local group which is running the Fate RPG in the Leaves of Chiaroscuro setting.

Aelinana Mercuri

High concept: Hereditary Witch of the Green

Trouble: Jaded hedonist

Species aspect: Scion of the Tarasque, the shaping-god

Other two: I end unquiet rest, infamous matriarch


  • Free lacerta species stunt (Dragon shape)
  • Mage path: beast and plant 3
  • Dream communion


One Great (+4) skill – magicka

Two Good (+3) skills – lore: nature, lore: occult

Three Fair (+2) skills – physique, art, empathy

Four Average (+1) skills – lore: academics, will, contacts, lore:local

Stress Tracks

physical 3, mental 3, ka 14

Refresh 2

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