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A Far Off Land Kickstarter: Modern Meets Mythic in Two Worlds

A Far Off Land will be Bennett-Burks Design’s second RPG setting and is presently being Kickstarted.

A Far Off Land is being written by myself (Megan Bennett-Burks) and my co-author Jacob Possin (co-author of Jadepunk, contributor to the Fate Codex.

Artists will include Gennifer Bone (who has done art for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, & much more), Tanyaporn Sangsnit (who has done art for Legendary Games, Project Biomodus, & many more), and more!

Jacob Possin and I have been doing a series of interviews, from podcasts, to blogs, to videos.

The Kickstarter itself can be found here:

An interview with me here with Mark Van Vlack on his Dust Pan Games blog:

I also will be part of an #RPGnet chat and other interviews soon!  The #RPGnet chat will be Monday, November 6th, 6PM Pacific Time.  Here’s its listing on the RPGnet calender.

“You, Fated one, are a beautiful lie, and so too is the world around you”

A Far Off Land is a multi-world spanning fantasy RPG (roleplaying game) setting by Megan Bennett-Burks and Jacob Possin for the Fate RPG. We will include rules for Apocalypse World / PbtA in a PDF IF we hit the $7000 funding mark.

Take the role of one of the Fated; shapeshifting beings which are creatures of both worlds. The Fated are akin to the demigods of legend.

The intrigues of the many Courts & Factions are at the heart of the game. Each group has its own vision for the two worlds, and ideas about your place within it; will you fight to see this vision come to its fruition? Or will you rebel and carve out your own place in the two worlds?