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A Far Off Land Kickstarter: Modern Meets Mythic in Two Worlds

A Far Off Land will be Bennett-Burks Design’s second RPG setting and is presently being Kickstarted.

A Far Off Land is being written by myself (Megan Bennett-Burks) and my co-author Jacob Possin (co-author of Jadepunk, contributor to the Fate Codex.

Artists will include Gennifer Bone (who has done art for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, & much more), Tanyaporn Sangsnit (who has done art for Legendary Games, Project Biomodus, & many more), and more!

Jacob Possin and I have been doing a series of interviews, from podcasts, to blogs, to videos.

The Kickstarter itself can be found here:

An interview with me here with Mark Van Vlack on his Dust Pan Games blog:

I also will be part of an #RPGnet chat and other interviews soon!  The #RPGnet chat will be Monday, November 6th, 6PM Pacific Time.  Here’s its listing on the RPGnet calender.

“You, Fated one, are a beautiful lie, and so too is the world around you”

A Far Off Land is a multi-world spanning fantasy RPG (roleplaying game) setting by Megan Bennett-Burks and Jacob Possin for the Fate RPG. We will include rules for Apocalypse World / PbtA in a PDF IF we hit the $7000 funding mark.

Take the role of one of the Fated; shapeshifting beings which are creatures of both worlds. The Fated are akin to the demigods of legend.

The intrigues of the many Courts & Factions are at the heart of the game. Each group has its own vision for the two worlds, and ideas about your place within it; will you fight to see this vision come to its fruition? Or will you rebel and carve out your own place in the two worlds?

Live play, print, and other projects

I just finished running my first game at a convention, this one online, as, I’ve never been able to make one in “meatspace” due to them being too far away, or scheduling issues.  I hope to run more of them in the future, and to be a player in some as well.

I’m also now working on a few other projects.  One is some art which may in the future appear in a OSR dungeon crawl by Samwise 7 (who previously created Murcanto’s Lair).  Another is a Fate setting with Jacob Possin.  Finally, I did a series of lineart for the horror tabletop board game Asylum of the Doomed, which my friend Sean is now Kickstarting.

I’m going through Leaves of Chiaroscuro again as well, as I’m prepping for the print version, and need to make sure no nasty typos sneak into it which have not yet been caught.  So look forward to that either at the very end of this year or early next year.

You can watch the live play here.  The players were all great BTW!


Places to sell your RPG Game PDFs online

There’s a wide variety of places online to sell print books, the best known being Amazon. Sadly as far as I can gather they don’t sell PDFs, and as far as RPG PDF sales go, DriveThruRPG seems to have a near-monopoly on the market. Selling through DriveThruRPG is likely to get you the most sales.  I recently posted on G+ hoping to find a few other options, and there are some out there.

Note: I have only personally dealt with DriveThruRPG, Lulu, and (for print books only) Amazon’s CreateSpace.

Indie Press Revolution

This site, like most of the others so far, supports both print and PDF.  Their name doesn’t suggest they are gaming specific, but they are.

Tabletop Library

This site, which sells PDFs focuses on D&D through its various editions.  It looks like they just sell PDFs and not physical books, but I’m not 100% sure on that.  I’ve noticed they do have some Dungeon World and other non-D&D games available, which says to me that, while not the focus, you can sell other games through them.

Your Own Website

Of course, setting up your own website and selling your PDFs through there is an option as well. I haven’t started doing this yet, and suspect that unless you are already a well known author, or giving them away for free (or pay what you want) it won’t be very fruitful. There’s a huge number of shopping carts you can use to sell PDFs on your own website, but going into those is a whole other can of worms.

Know of some others?  Get in touch so I can take a look and list them.


I would have never thought to sell books of any sort (other than maybe some handmade ones) on here, but, it was brought to my attention that you can indeed sell books and PDFs here.  There are apparently some RPG zines that are sold through Etsy as well.  They are different from DriveThruRPG and some of the other places you can sell books through in that they are really a marketplace and whether you sell exclusively through it or not won’t impact your earnings.

Open Gaming Store

This one focuses on RPG related PDFs from what I see, much as DriveThru does. It also has miniatures and dice.

The Indie RPGs Un-Store

As the title says, not technically a store. The Un-store doesn’t sell the  games you publish, you do, but, they provide a place to list them.  It’s a cool idea, though I have to say that I’d really like to see the site layout updated.


Playtesting: lessons learned

An important part of creating any game system is playtesting it.

So far Leaves of Chiaroscuro has been playtested by 2 groups, with 3 different GMs. Both playtesting groups were comprised primarily of people whom I knew prior to them joining the playtests.

As a new game designer, it’s been an incredibly educational experience and has led to many hours of great fun, as well as hard work.

The game now looks quite different than when I started working on it, however, some of what I have learned are things about the nature of playtesting itself. Continue reading