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Five Dragons: Oneiros, early access v1 now available for Free

Five Dragons for Fate RPG

The first supplement for Leaves of Chiaroscuro is now available at DriveThruRPG! You can get it for PWYW, even free.

“Last night, I dreamt I flew upon great wings and held a fire deep within my belly. I dreamt of a great beast who was my father; the beast spoke, “my son go forth and conquer”.  Today I awoke to find the dream is real.” Continue reading

Five Dragons for Fate (rough draft)

What started as blog posts, has evolved into what will be a supplement available for free when complete. While I geared this towards Leaves of Chiaroscuro characters, I’ve taken care to set it up so that it can be used with the setting of your choice.  If your Fate  game includes dragon-themed characters, than this supplement is for you!

Here’s the very very rough draft of Five Dragons. If you read any of the blog posts dealing with the Oneiros, you’ll notice I’ve changed some things. I still need to add one more dragon option for the Oneiros as well.

I’m also pondering adding a few more things to it, but what? Is there something you’d like to see in this supplement? Let me know!

Oneiros: Five Dragons, V2

(updated 1/27/17)

Two Living Relics from Beyond

Enchanted places where the veil between Asiyah and another physical realm are worn thin are blessedly rare, but when they do occur sometimes bizarre life from beyond may find its way over.  Explorers may seek to extinguish such life before it can take root in Asiyah, or to bring it back for those who collect such oddities.

The two “objects” below are otherworldly creatures of a parasitic nature. The PCs may find them while exploring an enchanted realm, or perhaps while investigating the home of a collector who has come to some mysterious end. Continue reading

A Review by Red Dice Diaries

The first review (that I am aware of) of Leaves of Chiaroscuro is in.  This one is by Red Dice Diaries, who have done a wide variety of other RPG book reviews, and some very helpful video tutorials on the Fate RPG.  You can watch it on Youtube (see below).
In the meanwhile the holidays mean the print proof is taking a little longer to get to me from DriveThruRPG, but with any luck I’ll have it in hand soon.

Live play, print, and other projects

I just finished running my first game at a convention, this one online, as, I’ve never been able to make one in “meatspace” due to them being too far away, or scheduling issues.  I hope to run more of them in the future, and to be a player in some as well.

I’m also now working on a few other projects.  One is some art which may in the future appear in a OSR dungeon crawl by Samwise 7 (who previously created Murcanto’s Lair).  Another is a Fate setting with Jacob Possin.  Finally, I did a series of lineart for the horror tabletop board game Asylum of the Doomed, which my friend Sean is now Kickstarting.

I’m going through Leaves of Chiaroscuro again as well, as I’m prepping for the print version, and need to make sure no nasty typos sneak into it which have not yet been caught.  So look forward to that either at the very end of this year or early next year.

You can watch the live play here.  The players were all great BTW!


Tarasque & Dragon Lairs: The Oneiros, a Six Viziers Variant Part 3

In part 1 this variant of the Six Viziers was introduced along with two of the dragon gods and their blessings.  Part 1 can be read here.
In part 2 I detailed those who are blessed by Hydra, dragon-goddess of the ocean, madness and beauty. Part 2 can be read here.

Now part 3 brings us those blessed by the mighty Tarasque! Plus a little bit more on Dragon Lairs at the end. Continue reading

Hydra: The Oneiros, a Six Viziers Variant Part 2

In part 1 this variant of the Six Viziers was introduced along with two of the dragon gods and their blessings.  Part 1 can be read here.
In part 2 I bring you the writeup for those blessed by Hydra, dragon-goddess of the ocean, madness and beauty.  There’s two more dragon gods still to go.


Virtue: Creative

Vice: Unpredictable

Holy symbol: A multi-headed dragon in Grecian style

Domains: Ocean, Madness, Beauty

Glamoured skills: Deceive, Stealth, Art

Hydra’s Blessings


The Protection of Tiamat 

Tiamat, the primordial serpentine goddess of the sea, is often equated with Hydra by Dragon-worshippers.   

Tiamat watches over her own, and because of this, her domain, the sea and other watery environs never bring you harm. Even the rushing waves of a tsunami would not bring you harm, and the monsters of the deep will bring you no ill. When it comes to intelligent aquatic creatures, they will generally be well-disposed to you unless you give them a clear reason not to be.

By spending a Fate point you may call upon the power of the ocean or other large body of water (a mere puddle will not do) to your aid.  A torrent may suddenly sweep your enemies away, aquatic creatures may come to your protection, and so on.  Once per session you can call upon this ability for free as if you spent a Fate point. Continue reading