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The Draconic Oneiros (Six Viziers Variant) Part 1

Part 2 can now be found here: Hydra

Part 3 can be found here: Tarasque & Dragon Lairs


Six Viziers is a system of magic introduced in the Fate Toolkit by Evil Hat.  After reading over it, I realized, there could be some very cool variations done with it. I decided to create a dragon themed version, for lacerta characters. However, this could work for dragon-themed characters in other games too.  This is part one, so it includes the basic rules for the Oneiros, introduces all the dragon-gods that will be included, and full writeups on two of the dragon-gods.  This is a WIP (and feedback on it especially if you use it in your game is appreciated), and I’m still thinking on what abilities the other gods should grant, but will post them when I’m done.

Note on Glamoured Skills: This is something specific to Leaves of Chiaroscuro.  The basic gist of them is if you succeed with style using one of your glamoured skills, then  you should describe them as having some sort of cool supernatural effect.

Another note on skills: The game this was written for has some additional ones.  Lore is broken down into Occult, Academics, City and Nature.  Art is added as a skill, along with Magicka.  Drive is broken down into Ride and Sailing. A few gods have these as their associated skills.  If you don’t want to use them then you can swap them out as you desire.  I may eventually come up with some suggestions for those using the standard Fate Core skills only.

A few gods have some of these new skills as their associated skills.  If you don’t want to use them then you can swap them out as you desire.  I may eventually come up with some suggestions for those using the standard Fate Core skills only.

The Oneiros

Lacerta are but hatchlings in comparison to the true dragons that they may one day become. Some lacerta are marked more strongly by their divine parent and begin to manifest the sorts of abilities not usually found outside of true dragons. These lacerta are referred to as the Oneiros, or dream-marked.

The system used by Oneiros is a variant of the Six Viziers system found in the Fate Toolkit; it even includes some abilities which are variants of the original. Only lacerta characters may become Oneiros. Most Oneiros are very old lacerta nearing the time of their Hundred Year Sleep.

A note on power: The abilities of the Oneiros are potent, more so than typical stunts.   These abilities are also supernatural in nature.  They work best with other similarly powerful supernatural beings, and all lacerta groups of Oneiros can work well. Continue reading

Naples & Pompeii

Entries for several Italian cities and other locations, including Pompeii, are complete.  Presently I am working on one for Naples, and soon plan to move onto Sicily.

In the world of Asiyah the fates of Pompeii and Naples are inextricably bound. The enchanted volcano Vesuvius threatens the existence of both, and only Pompeii’s Listeners of Vesuvius can keep the volcano asleep.  Naples and Pompeii are bitter enemies in a cold war; one which is only kept from… well, erupting into something more due to the threat of mutually assured destruction.

Naples and Pompeii weren’t always enemies, but, when the Spanish invaded, they managed to take the city of Naples and some of the surrounding region, yet failed to take Pompeii where the Listeners dwelled.  Naples also has to worry about its own internal threats to maintain what control its foreign rulers have managed to gain; in the Pompeii Underground, which is literally underground, a black market thrives, and rebels hideout.

Progress Update: the adventure and main book

The Quickstart on DTRPG has been updated with fixes I found to be needed via playtesting, and added a new page of content as 1/29/16.

I am now planning to delay the final expanded version of Leaves of Chiaroscuro.  There’s various reasons this is necessary, including having to take on work I did not expect to, deciding I do want the first adventure and final expanded core rule/setting book to be released together, and wanting to make sure that this is not rushed and is really done right.  The project is far enough along I don’t expect it to be delayed dramatically, but I doubt that it will be out by May. Continue reading

Renaissance La Rossa Campaign on Obsidian Portal

I’ve created a campaign website on Obsidian Portal for the Renaissance La Rossa campaign which takes place in the Leaves of Chiaroscuro setting. It includes writeups detailing the sessions, a wiki with information on character species, factions, etc… and other goodies. It is new but should continue to grow.

Fate: Renaissance La Rossa on Obsidian Portal

Character: Aeliana Mercuri, lacerta witch

Aeliana Mercuri is my (Megan Bennett-Burks) own character used in my local group which is running the Fate RPG in the Leaves of Chiaroscuro setting.

Aelinana Mercuri

High concept: Hereditary Witch of the Green

Trouble: Jaded hedonist

Species aspect: Scion of the Tarasque, the shaping-god

Other two: I end unquiet rest, infamous matriarch


  • Free lacerta species stunt (Dragon shape)
  • Mage path: beast and plant 3
  • Dream communion


One Great (+4) skill – magicka

Two Good (+3) skills – lore: nature, lore: occult

Three Fair (+2) skills – physique, art, empathy

Four Average (+1) skills – lore: academics, will, contacts, lore:local

Stress Tracks

physical 3, mental 3, ka 14

Refresh 2

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Dragons of La Rossa progress

Text for Dragons of La Rossa (previously the planned title was Dragons of Bologna)  is mostly done, and soon I will start formatting it in inDesign.  I’ve also begun work on the art for the book as well.  All this means that so far it is right on track to be completed by May.

The text of the expanded core rulebook & setting guide for Leaves of Chiaroscuro for the Fate RPG is moving along nicely as well.  Though, the scope of it has grown so I’m less certain of when this will be finished, I don’t believe this to be all negative; it means the book will have a much richer setting (focusing still on Renaissance Italy) and more stunts and other goodies than initially planned for.

lacerta dragon

A lacerta (player character species) sketch.

Influences and Inspiration Sources

Leaves of Chiaroscuro, like other RPGs, draws upon a variety of influences.  Today I’ve decided to go through and list those.  This is, however, not an exhaustive list!  I’m sure that there are influences that have crept in without anyone even noticing it yet and there may be some not coming to mind at the moment which I’ll end up adding later.  I can only speak on my own influences, of course, were the co-author of the first adventure & quickstart (Jason Lada) writing this list, I’m sure they’d have different ones.

  • Real world history – a wide variety of real world history and lore is the primary influence for Leaves of Chiaroscuro.  Most obviously the Italian Renaissance is the primary basis for the setting.
  • Religion and lore -the game draws from a variety of real-world lore, including the Greco-Roman traditions, the various Abrahamic traditions (naturally Catholicism but also Kabbalah)  and even others here and there such as Egyptian.
  • Planescape – The D&D multiverse is an absolute favorite of mine; full of strange creatures (and especially for the standards of its time strange races to play), faction politics, and many strange wonderful (or terrifying, or simply strange) worlds to explore.  It was an incredibly rich and gonzo sort of setting.

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The Dragon’s Dream (fiction blurb)

The following is a fiction blurb  for the Leave of Chiaroscuro RPG setting.  This originated from the LoCo system playtest document. I plan to include a series of these.

Jocobo had been having the dreams since he was just a very small boy. Dreams of flying, dreams of mountains upon mountains of gold, all his.  Doesn’t everyone dream of things like flying and being rich though? The closest a farm boy like he could ever hope to get to being rich was in his dreams. Continue reading