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A Far Off Land Kickstarter: Modern Meets Mythic in Two Worlds

A Far Off Land will be Bennett-Burks Design’s second RPG setting and is presently being Kickstarted.

A Far Off Land is being written by myself (Megan Bennett-Burks) and my co-author Jacob Possin (co-author of Jadepunk, contributor to the Fate Codex.

Artists will include Gennifer Bone (who has done art for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, & much more), Tanyaporn Sangsnit (who has done art for Legendary Games, Project Biomodus, & many more), and more!

Jacob Possin and I have been doing a series of interviews, from podcasts, to blogs, to videos.

The Kickstarter itself can be found here:

An interview with me here with Mark Van Vlack on his Dust Pan Games blog:

I also will be part of an #RPGnet chat and other interviews soon!  The #RPGnet chat will be Monday, November 6th, 6PM Pacific Time.  Here’s its listing on the RPGnet calender.

“You, Fated one, are a beautiful lie, and so too is the world around you”

A Far Off Land is a multi-world spanning fantasy RPG (roleplaying game) setting by Megan Bennett-Burks and Jacob Possin for the Fate RPG. We will include rules for Apocalypse World / PbtA in a PDF IF we hit the $7000 funding mark.

Take the role of one of the Fated; shapeshifting beings which are creatures of both worlds. The Fated are akin to the demigods of legend.

The intrigues of the many Courts & Factions are at the heart of the game. Each group has its own vision for the two worlds, and ideas about your place within it; will you fight to see this vision come to its fruition? Or will you rebel and carve out your own place in the two worlds?

Five Dragons: Oneiros, early access v1 now available for Free

Five Dragons for Fate RPG

The first supplement for Leaves of Chiaroscuro is now available at DriveThruRPG! You can get it for PWYW, even free.

“Last night, I dreamt I flew upon great wings and held a fire deep within my belly. I dreamt of a great beast who was my father; the beast spoke, “my son go forth and conquer”.  Today I awoke to find the dream is real.” Continue reading

Freeform/improvisational Magic for Fate

Thaumaturgic magic for the Fate RPG: Leaves of Chiaroscuro, a Renaissance setting (Google Doc)

My vision for magic in the world of Renaissance Asiyah is that it would be free of a set spell-list; players could make up spells on the fly, as suited the given situation.

However, magic needed some constraints.  A given mage shouldn’t be able to just cast any sort of spell.  Thus, the concept of paths and subpaths came into play.  A mage’s paths would act as essentially the “school of magic” the mage has access to, and thus place some limits on their magic.  Thus, one mage might be able to cast spells dealing with beasts while another manipulates the force of life itself.

The concept of improvisational magic is nothing new, but it is my hope that this system turns out exceptionally fun for the Fate RPG.

However, I didn’t just want this magic system to be improvisational within some constraints.  I wanted mages to be something people would fear, and for a reason; thus, magic also had to have a cost, a cost which would make it and those who wield it potentially dangerous. That cost has been worked in, and thus if you use this system unmodified, it works best in a darker-edged fantasy setting.

Fate Google Doc for Leaves of Chiaroscuro

It’s been decided; we’ll release the work in progress player’s section for the Leaves of Chiaroscuro: Dragon in Bologna Renaissance adventure for the Fate RPG.

This includes details on the Renaissance world of Asiyah, the various player species, the city of Bologna and rules for improvisational magic in the Fate RPG.

It doesn’t include the adventure which will be included when the entire book is released, but hopefully should be enough to start playing Fate in the world of Asiyah.

So, here it is as a Google Doc, which can be viewed and commented on

A Dragon in Bologna: Player’s Section for Fate RPG