Welcome to the City of Bologna!

From 1462 up until 1506 the noble Giovanni II Bentivoglio ruled Bologna Italy. Under his leadership the city flourished, with its wonderful artists and architects making it a city which could rival the likes of Venice and Florence.

Bologna is the progressive city of Italy; a place where women can go enter almost any profession (unlike most other places in Italy) and attend the university and magic can be practiced openly.

Bologna’s university, by the way, is a institution of great prestige, with the only publicly operating school of magic which teaches the magical arts to any whom shows sufficient promise; much to the great chagrin of Rome, whom desires to keep magic tightly controlled by their own ranks.

Among this bastion of progress three factions feud; the very progressive followers of their patron, the late Joan of Arc that makeup the Sisterhood of the Phoenix, the secretive mages of the Scions of Thoth, and the purist Blood of Adam whom desire to put mage and monster alike to the blade.

The Blood of Adam hunts a dangerous creature that masquerades as a man, the Sisterhood of the Phoenix protects a heretic that has fled the Blood of Adam’s ranks, a promising mage vanishes only to show back up weeks later roaming the streets reduced to a blathering idiot, rumors spread that Rome is preparing for something. Could these things be signs of ill-tidings for the future of wonderful Bologna?