• Leaves of Chiaroscuro: Exploration & Intrigue in the Strange & Wondrous Renaissance – Now available
    This book includes Part 1: Core Rules & Setting, and Part II: The Red City (previously referred to as Dragons of La Rossa).  It is now available through DriveThruRPG here.
  • The Silvertree Library: A Leaves of Chiaroscuro Adventure for Fate – date TBD
    Description: In the Silvertree Library knowledge is the currency of the land; but in a world where books are everywhere to be found, truly valuable knowledge is dangerous to attain, and perhaps, more than a little dangerous to have.  This realm is an unearthly place of beauty and wonder; but there is a rot concealed within its lovely branches.

More to come?  

More products are planned, details will be released once sufficient progress has been made.